Brexit: What Is Changing in 2020?

We have officially started a new era as a country, one that is no longer part of the European Union. While this will mean many changes in the future, 2020 will very much remain the same. Indeed, as a transition year, 2020 will see little to no changes in how we operate as a country and how we travel to European countries.

What Does Brexit Mean for the Coach Industry?

There aren’t any changes being implemented right away, but we can anticipate some small changes in the near future, particularly when it comes to the documentation needed inside the coaches for trips to the continent. Many of the details regarding any changes in legislation or agreements with the EU will be released as the year progresses.

What about Inbound Travel?

Inbound travel will remain the same in 2020. The government is looking at implementing a new immigration system for which travellers will be required to have a passport rather than an ID card to enter the country. However, this will not be put into effect before 2021, along with the new immigration policies relating to residency. Most European citizens in the UK have the option to apply to the Pre-Settlement Scheme to remain in the UK for at least 4 years.

When it comes to regular tourists, the rules remain unchanged for now, with Europeans being able to travel to the UK in 2020 with their ID cards or passports.


In conclusion, Brexit will certainly bring many changes to the UK, but 2020 will be a transition year that will see only minor changes being made. The government is also keeping their website ( up-to-date, offering the most reliable source of information on any major changes occurring from now onwards. We will also keep you updated on any changes that are relevant to our industry.