Why are some companies a lot more expensive than others?

Generally, the older the coach the cheaper it will be to hire. However, this is unsustainable, as older vehicles won’t comply with London low emission zone legislation, so they won’t be on the roads for much longer. Coach companies like us use new vehicles that are highly efficient, so we can pass these cost savings on to you. Please ask us if you would like a quote.

Can I put more people on the coach than it seats? Can people stand like they do on a bus or train?

No. A coach can only carry the number of people it is licensed for. A 25 seater can only seat 25 passengers, a 53 seater can only seat 53, etc.

Can I extend my hire on the day and pay extra?

This may be possible and will depend on a variety of factors. You should always contact the company as soon as possible for advice if you think your hire times may vary. Coach drivers are governed by extremely strict laws on driving hours and whilst most companies have some ‘slack’ time in schedules just asking a coach driver to ‘wait’ indefinitely like a taxi is rarely possible.

Can I drink alcohol on board?

Some companies will permit this, some will not. If you are travelling to certain events, such as a football match, this is actually illegal. Talk to us about what you need and we will do our best to make it happen.

Is coach parking included in the hire fee?

This varies from company to company. Anderson Travel includes any incidental parking to a value of up to £15 per day in the hire fee. Certain destinations, such as Birmingham’s NEC and Wembley Stadium, charge over £50 for just a few hours of parking. This will always be an additional charge.

Is waiting time included if we are delayed for any reason?

If you are delayed for any reason then we will try our best to accommodate the required amendments on the day. We just ask that you keep us updated regarding possible delays or extensions to your service and we will then advise you whether this will be possible and whether any extra charges apply.

What about drivers’ hours?

Passenger carrying vehicles, or PCV, drivers are governed by extremely strict laws regarding driving hours, which are designed to protect passengers and improve road safety. Any quote given to you will normally include provision for drivers’ breaks and/or second drivers if required.

What about luggage?

The amount of luggage you can bring will depend on the size of the coach. Generally, a 19-seat coach can accommodate up to 11 people if each passenger has a suitcase and carry-on case, and a 25-seat coach can accommodate 21 people. Our larger coaches have more storage, so a 53-seat coach can carry 53 people plus standard luggage.

Can I bring my children on board?

Of course, just please let us know if you are bringing any children on board. It is up to you where your child sits – they can sit in a coach seat, you can bring a child car seat or they can sit on your lap – but they need to be accounted for in the total passenger number for insurance purposes.

Do you have car seats for children?

We do not provide car seats for insurance reasons. You are welcome to bring your own if you would like. Please note that coach seating is different to car seating, and we will use our three-point seatbelts to help secure child seats.