Things to consider when planning your company’s Christmas party

Organising the office Christmas party can cause some headaches. Figuring out everybody’s dietary requirements and alcohol preferences can take some time. Because of this, we tend to forget about what happens after the event. How will everyone get home? Is the party location in a well-connected area in terms of public transportation & will this be available late at night? Have we considered the distance to certain neighbourhoods and the cost of taxi fares for staff? When your colleagues start to joke about booking a hotel close to the party location to avoid travelling home after what will undoubtedly be a big night, it might be time to start looking into private, group transport options.


Why should you consider hiring a coach for your Christmas party?

Hiring a coach for your Christmas party is the most convenient solution to take your colleagues to the party and have them depart the party safely. Office Christmas parties are notorious for being the night where all staff members are given a free pass to fully enjoy themselves. This means that arranging some form of transportation at the end of the evening is a good idea to help your staff to get home safely. After all, there is nothing more nerve-wracking than seeing a colleague take the wheel after a few too many drinks or worrying if your tired friends will be able to find their way home. This is where hiring a coach can help. Hiring a coach allows you to set up a route to bring everyone back home safely in an economical way. Indeed, hiring a coach is certainly less expensive than ordering many taxis at the end of the night.